Sustainable vehicles and Mobility-as-a-Service solutions for present and future cities

Movs Technology Group

Movs Technology Group offers sustainable state-of-the-art light electric vehicles and Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) solutions with the mission to transform urban commuting.

As one of Sweden’s largest retailers of electric mopeds and bicycles to consumers and business partners, Movs Technology Group’s offering includes its own Lifebike electric bicycle and DRAX moped brands as well as several internationally renowned ones. Vehicles are sold at both online and physical stores, as well as through partners. Movs is also exclusive agent in Sweden for international moped brands NIU and Kymco.

In 2021, Movs Technology Group entered a new business area with a MaaS offering. The service, MOVS, offers easy access monthly subscriptions to light electric vehicles and service to the broad masses.

With the launch of Urban Benefit in 2024, Movs Technology Group expands its offering further with a platform and online store for benefit bicycles in partnership with Benify, Sweden’s largest employee benefit portal.

Movs Technology Group was founded in 2005 under the name Mipecorp AB. At the time of  launch of subscription service MOVS, the company changed name to Movs Technology Group AB.



Moped retailer with online and physical store.


Electric bicycle retailer with online and physical store.


Light electric vehicle subscription service for urban commuters.

Urban Benefit

Urban Benefit is the benefit cycle portal.

Own vehicle brands

Movs Technology Group has launched and established two own brands on the Swedish market, Lifebike electric bicycles and Drax mopeds.


One of our two self-produced brands with a wide range of scooters from electric to gasoline with a long-term goal of reducing carbon footprint and increase sales of electric vehicles. Drax is Sweden’s third biggest scooter brand.


Swedish design with quality parts. The second of our self-produced brands giving daily commuters the possibility to go further and keep up the speed on otherwise challenging parts of their path.

Distributor & retailer

Movs Technology Group is the exclusive agent in Sweden for international moped brands NIU and Kymco.


NIU is a global brand in urban mobility that embraces technology, style and freedom. Sweden’s second largest electric moped brand in sales figures on the market. Movs Technology Group is the sole agency to sell NIU on the Swedish market.


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